Residart’s HALL of FAME

WP_20151110_011  Since 2013 brilliant violin soloists, students and pros alike, have attended Maestro Yuzuko Horigome’s Master Courses in Italy, accompanied by  superb virtuosos as Rodney Friend and other top class tutors.   Le Marche Region, in particular Cassero di Camerata Picena have become a place to pay some attention to if you aim for the stars.

In the course of these Master Classes, professional Concerts have been staged, featuring these young talents, side by side with their renowned teachers such as M° Horigome herself, M° Rodney Friend, M° Andrea Bacchetti, M° Luc Devos, among others.

Among these rising stars you will find the precious jewel of the future and the delight of listening, today.


Mizuki Chiba                                        JAPAN

Nicolas Dupont                                   BELGIUM

Yuri Egawa                                            JAPAN

Clara Evens                                          BELGIUM

Mimi Jung                                             USA

Aya Kawabata                                       JAPAN

Aya Kitaoka                                          JAPAN

Iku Kodama                                          JAPANWP_20151106_016

Maria Krohn                                        SPAIN

Yu Kurokawa                                        JAPAN

TePei Lin                                              TAIWAN

Luka Ljubas                                         AUSTRIA

Charles  Lovell-Jones                       UK

Emanuele Luzzati                              ITALY

Dieuwke Mink van der Molen         THE NETHERLANDS

Ana Julija Mlejnik                              SLOVENIA

Kaoru Oe                                              JAPANWP_20151114_001

Kumiko Okutomi                               JAPAN

Tiffany Pan                                         TAIWAN

Théo Portais                                       PORTUGAL

Emma Rhebergen                             THE NETHERLANDS

Kyoko Saito                                        JAPAN

Moe Shono                                         JAPAN

Julie Svecena                                     CHECK REPUBLIC

Natalia Szmydt                                 POLAND

Yangja YOKO YANG                         JAPAN

Maïté Wenda                                    BELGIUM




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