Residart FESTIVAL 9-19 novembre 2017. Le iscrizioni iniziano e abbiamo ricevuto da uno dei nostri più fedeli Solisti un messaggio che esprime tutto lo spirito e l’impatto di questa iniziativa. “Dear Residart, Thank you very much for sharing with us the amazing website. I have read it and it was so touching! It reminds me of the journey that we have been through for the first 5 years. I see that everyone of us who is related to this project, works hard, so that’s why this masterclass is so warm and I feel at home , always so enthusiastic and in the end everyone is very happy. I am very very honoured that I am a part of it, and I appreciate enormously your energy and the special hard work to make this wonderful project come true. Thank you again for what you are doing; it means very much to all of us, young musicians, I will always keep working hard to get you happy news. Huge hug. Aya”



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